Vijay Kedia Success Story | Vijay Kedia Net Worth

Vijay Kedia Success Story | Vijay Kedia Net Worth:

Vijay Kedia’s full name is Dr. Vijay Kishanlal Kedia. He was born on 4th November 1959 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The life story of Vijay Kedia is full of ups and downs. He was born in a middle-class family. His father was a stockbroker. His father died when he was 14 years old.

Now the responsibility of the family was on his shoulders. He wanted to do business but there was no money in the house. That’s why he continued his family’s stockbroking business, but Vijay had no interest in this work.

That’s why he started trading shares for a year and a half, he made a good profit, but now he started making big losses. Once he had a loss of seventy thousand rupees in a trade, then his mother asked him to sell his jewelry. But her losses were covered in 4-5 days and she did not need to sell the jewelry. But this made Vijay very bored.

Vijay Kedia success story:

Now Vijay Kedia decided to quit trading and started focusing on investing. If you do not find the difference between trading and investing, then let me tell you that in trading, shares are held for a few seconds to a few months. In this, trading is done by looking at the price of the share.

“In investing, the focus is on the business of the company. In which the focus is on the products, promoters, and brand value of the company.”

Because most of the stock market work was done in Mumbai, so he decided to shift to Mumbai. Now he has come to Mumbai. But no big investor in Mumbai wanted to share his knowledge with anyone.

So he started learning from his experience. Newspapers and magazines related to the stock market were read and started to educate and update oneself with the experience of the people in the stock market. Vijay Kedia also started in stock brokerage business named as Kedia securities private limited

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Vijay Kedia investment strategy:

He had thirty-five thousand rupees in savings. Now he was looking for a good stock (company) in which he could invest. And soon he got that share, Vijay Kedia first investment was Punjab Tractor now it’s merged in Mahindra & Mahindra.

Vijay Kedia invested his entire capital in Punjab Tractor. And Punjab tractor four to five times bigger in two to three. Then he sold all the shares of Punjab Tractor.

Vijay Kedia and Harshad Mehta:

And take the shares of ACC for all that money. He took them for 300 and Harshad Mehta reached the price of 3000 very quickly in Bull Run. And he felt ACC overvalued at this price. For three thousand, he sold all the shares of ACC.

And after taking some shares on a flat for himself, a few days later, when Harshad Mehta’s bull run ended, he suffered a huge loss. He admitted that out of greed, he invested in the wrong companies.

Now he took the decision of not compromising on his investment philosophy. He bought the share of Atul Auto at an average price of Rs 5 to 10 and there was no movement in its price for four to five years. But he had complete faith in his conviction. And soon after seeing its price became 500. Vijay Kedia sold all his shares for Rs 500.

Vijay Kedia portfolio:

Vijay Kedia follows a focused investment strategy so that, he can invest in 15 to 20 stocks at a time. He likes to invest in small-cap that has the potential to become large-cap. You can check out the Vijay Kedia portfolio on the basis of valuation on Sept 2021.


SNO.NameNo. of SharesMarket Value
1Tejas Networks Ltd3900000174.60
2Vaibhav Global Ltd3000000152.10
3Cera Sanitaryware Ltd13530666.60
4Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd100000055.60
5Repro India Ltd90149151.50
6Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd204000043.00
7Ramco Systems Ltd78766329.60
8Elecon Engineering Company Ltd130000027.20
9Neuland Laboratories Ltd13000023.10
10Heritage Foods Ltd52500021.80
11Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd155200018.70
12Innovators Façade Systems Ltd20106329.00
13Atul Auto Ltd3215126.80
14Lykis Ltd18079115.90
15Pansonic Energy India Company Ltd930042.80

Vijay Kedia Net Worth:

Today the Vijay Kedia net worth is more than 688.30 crores approx as per 15 stocks Vijay Kedia holdings as of Sept 2021 by He says that the small and fat investor I have become today, the main reason for this goes to my mistakes, I have paid the big-big prices for learning.


Vijay Kedia songs:

Vijay Kedia loves to sing Hindi songs. He writes his own lyrics and sings them in a very cool style. He has his own YouTube channel. You can listen to the songs sung by him by visiting his YouTube channel here:  Vijay Kedia YouTube channel


Vijay Kedia advice:

Whatever experiences Vijay Kedia has had about the stock market in his life. They tell in their blog. You can check out his blog.

Vijay Kedia is active on Twitter you can follow him on Vijay Kedia Twitter handle is here: Twitter Vijay Kedia



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